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27 March 2008

First session of the reborn campaign. Beginning in Heaven, the characters' necessary review webinar on new paradigmatic directions to win the fate of the future is interrupted when they notice blood apes wandering the streets of Yu Shan in bad disguise. Bashing Blood Apes as they sprint through to the Chamber of the Loom, they meet Gumela, Jeweled Auditor and Wisdom Soul of the Prince Upon the Tower. He's not supposed to be here! They have him thrown out of Heaven, but notice snarls in the loom. The Jade Prison is re-entering Creation.

Now there's a clear justification for the gold canals. Within an hour, the PCs are in Chiaroscuro, borrowing a sorcerer of the Immaculates to pull them out into the sea. A grand battle erupts over the Jade Prison. The major players are the Sidereals, a deathlord with a titanic skeleton, and Gumela, now bearing the Registry that holds the names of the imprisoned Solars.

KHAS: Things to investigate:

  • WTF was C.K. thinking? Why are Rose and Ruby's names on the memo when they were not invited to the meeting? Is someone manipulating C.K., or did he just skip a few "formalities" in the paperwork?
  • Was Gemella invited? What about the Blood Apes?
  • What pages of the Registry does Gemella still have?
  • um, wacky purple and yellow and blue and red spiders?
  • Where are all the shards now? Did the big net catch some of them?
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