Characters are built on a base of 150 points, with up to 80 points of disads and 5 quirks. We're using the rules from the GURPS Basic Set, Compendium I, Magic, Grimoire, and Cyberpunk, except when they are superseded by these files. In particular, the cyberware list is replaced by what is attached. Some more 'ware, equipment, and spells will be released soon. A summary of the base mechanics is available as GURPS Lite from Steve Jackson Games' web site. Spell lists are available in this directory; I'll try to clean them up and add effects as soon as possible.

For people who want stuff they've seen in a SR Sourcebook converted to GURPS, let me know. In general, stuff will convert pretty easily... (L,M,S,D) becomes (1d6,2d6,3d6,4d6).

Except, of course, that it doesn't. I hate random-damage tables. So what I'd like to use instead of (hit for Nd6+M) is (M + N*S) where S is one half of the margin of success, ranging from 0 to 5 (Exact success is 0, success by 10 is a crit). On a critical success, S is 6, in addition to any other effects. All effects of hit location, such as brain and vitals, remain. This should speed up the combat system somewhat, by requiring fewer die rolls. In the case of explosives and the like, the skill roll is vs. Demolitions for the person who placed the bombs against the target he intended, and random against anybody else nearby. Some things, like fire, are still random. Eit.

Magic is mechaniced fairly simply; spend the fatigue, make a die roll, and something happens. In the game universe, it's more complicated. All magicians are at -1 to skill if the player tries to "just do it". Roleplaying of simple rituals gets the base skill; bonuses of +1 to +2 may be permitted for more elaborate rituals, particularly use of expended props and fetishes. For shamans, all of these numbers are doubled. Mages use normal spells; Shamans use rune-magic, which is way spiffy. A word about shamanism -- all shamans should take a level or three of Shamanism, some runes, and a Patron (Extremely Powerful Individual, +15, Has Better Magic +5, Rarely (6 or less) *1/2, for a total cost of 10), which is their totem.

Other rules changes will appear here in the future.

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