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New menus will appear here as we find new restaurants.

Three Fortunes:

Baan Thai:

Name This week's order The Usual
Brian The Usual (Persistent) Three Fortunes: Sweet Bun, Tofu Family Style, Rice
Gerry's: Split a Mama Maria pizza
Kurgan The Usual (Persistent)

3 Fortunes: Small Egg Drop Soup, Large Ginger & Scallion Chicken, Large Steamed Rice
Gerry's: Pasta Plate: Gnocchi with Homemade Sausage & Garden Salad
Angelino's: Large Sausages Sub & Garden Salad
Lobster Wok: All Day Special: Kung Pao Chicken with Pork Fried Rice, Beef Teriyaki, and Spring Roll & Small Egg Drop Soup
Baan Thai: Rendang (under house specialties & Treasure Bags (Appetizer) & Steamed White Rice (yes, my own full order of rice, please)

Ariel If thai, baan thai spicy noodles, extra spicy. If chinese, house special/yang chao fried rice. Else, usual.

3 Fortunes: small szechuan spicy chicken w/ peanuts; white rice.
Baan Thai: Siamese Eggplant, white rice
Lobster Wok:Sm. General Tso's Tofu, white rice.
Gerry's:Med. calzone w/ artichoke hearts, spinach, mushrooms; sauce on the side.

Andrew Three Fortunes: Szechuan Spicy Chicken (Peanuts); white rice.
Thomas (the trivial vote) Ask me. If I'm not there in time to order, don't order anything for me.
Kat Nothing if Chinese. If pizza, happy to share one.
Instructions Home:617-354-1526
128 Ellison Park, Waltham
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