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Many of these are inspired by or copied from Here's a page for Open Rules Questions

See also the official errata at and (no content at 14 yet, but that will have the eventual Sidereal errata)



Brian has started Revised Sidereal Charms.

Andrew has started to capture Brian's rulings in Revised Martial Arts Charms


No character may through any means act again in less than three ticks after their previous action (this does not affect defaulting from wait or guard).

No character may through any means at any time have the wait until their next action increased to more than 6 ticks.

Negative Dice Pools

On p.124 of Ex2e in the boxed text entitled "order of modifiers" at the end of Step 6: Apply Bonus Successes add the line: "If the dice-pool at this point is negative then subtract one bonus success for every 2 dice below zero."

Defense Values

Defense Values are the expectation of dice pools. Effects that add dice to dice pools add virtual dice to the dice pool from which a DV is calculated.

Stunts in Flurries

Players may stunt for benefit no more than once per flurry. They recieve the bonus dice (or DV) on every action in the flurry. They get one stunt award if any action in the flurry succeeds.

AT: Does this really mean once per action, and gain the benefit for both attack and defense? Or does this mean once for attack and once for defense? Or once for each application of defense?
BTS: This means that you can stunt your action, describing all the stuff you're doing. That gives you some bonus dice on each of the sub-actions and maybe some Essence at the end of the whole Flurry. You separately can stunt your Defenses, getting bonus dice on those and Essence if you successfully defend.

New Social Actions

We're also considering Variant Social Rules.

Witty Repartee is an action which may be taken in ordinary combat:

Witty Repartee (6/-1)

The character performs a small insult or other brief social attack upon another person involved in combat. This action may be flurried with other actions as usual.

A witty repartee action is a brief social attack (taking no more than a loosely enforced 6 seconds for the player to say) which must attack an intimacy, motivation, or virtue above 3 possessed by the target. Attacks which do not target such fail. A witty repartee action is resolved exactly like a presence-based social attack, except that it receives no bonus for targeting an intimacy, motivation, or high virtue. The defendant gains a +3 bonus to MDV if the attack is targeting anything other than the target's motivation. Witty Repartee does not forge an intimacy or create a compulsion in the target. It instead imposes an external penalty on the target's next action equal to the number of successes by which the attacker beats the target's MDV. This is Natural Mental Influence.

A defender may choose to ignore the effects of a witty repartee action by either spending a point of willpower or channelling an appropriate virtue. A character who does so may, at the GM's digression count as having suppressed a virtue for the purposes of gaining limit.

Stop! (5/-1)

The character calls for all other combatants to stop fighting. This action can be flurried with other actions as normal, but if flurried with an attack then the character's pool for his Stop! action is set to 0 before any modifiers are applied.

This is resolved exactly like a normal performance based social attack against every character involved in the battle, but must target an intimacy, motivation, or virtue rated above 3 in every case. All targets gain a +3 bonus to their MDV for purposes of resisting this attack unless it is targeting their motivation, and any normal modifiers for other relevant intimacies apply. Any target who fails to resist this attack has their wait until their next action increased by 1 tick. In addition if all targets are affected then they must immediately drop out of combat and join debate -- if even a single target resists then this does not happen.


Players may buy more than three specialties for each Ability. Only three specialties may ever benefit a roll. Please don't use this to build a character with a zillion specialties that never apply.


Any character with Linguistics 2 or more may buy Specialties to represent additional learned languages that do not benefit his skill with composition or calligraphy.

Magical Materials

The bonuses for magical materials may be gained by exalts of a different type for double the normal attunement cost. The exception is hearthstone bracers, which may only be used by exalts of the appropriate type.

Levels of Damage

All Charms which talk about Levels of Damage refer to Raw Damage unless they specifically say otherwise. Levels of Post-soak damage refers to dice of post-soak damage. Health-levels of damage refers to post-soak damage successes.

Area Effects in Mass Combat

Some effects generate virtual armies. Death of Obsidian Butterflies and Magma Kraken are good examples.

Shields are Weapons

Shields are weapons with the following stats:

Name Speed Accuracy Damage Defense Rate Minimums Cost Tags Mobility Penalty
Buckler 5 -1 +3B +4 2 Str o - M -
Target Shield 6 -2 +5B/+10B +6 1 Str oo o M -1
Tower Shield 6 -3 +7B/+12B +8 1 Str ooo o M -2

Artifact shields have bonuses different from ordinary artifact weapons:

  • Orichalcum shields have +2 Defense.
  • Moonsilver shields add their Defense to Dodge pools.
  • Jade shields grant +2L/+2B soak.
  • Starmetal shields reduce damage by one in step 10.
  • Soulsteel shields have +1 Defense, and drain a number of motes of Essence equal to the wielder's Permanent Essence on each successful parry.
Name Speed Accuracy Damage Defense Rate Minimums Attune Cost Tags Mobility Penalty
Storm Buckler 5 -1 +3B +6 2 Str o 2 o M -
Thunderbolt Shield 6 -2 +5B/+10B +8 1 Str oo 5 oo M -
Grand Thunderbolt Shield 6 -3 +8B/+12B +10 1 Str ooo 8 ooo M -

Other references

White Wolf's page of open errata questions ( is available but pretty useless.

Based on Kasumi's work on a Mission System, I propose my own. Kasumi's is at

Look to for a neat Challenge Rating-style system. I may or may not use that.

I will almost certainly use Epsilon's NPC system with reduced stats:

"Hold the floor" based social conflict system; probably not worth doing until or unless we see problems in play with the ordinary one.

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