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"And now I fire the secretary. And by fire I mean 'fire.'" "Wait, you mean murder right?" "No! (horrified) I mean have murdered."

"...where we carefully tend our grudges." "Bonsai grudges!" "No, topiary grudges."

"So you're going off to patronize a brothel?" "No! I'm the patron of the brothel, I don't patronize it."

"So in your analogy, who is the sun?" "The sun is that big glowy thing in the sky. You guys don't get down to Creation much, do you?"

"So I guess we could make them all forget... Or use Magma Kraken. Thats mass forgetfulness modulo a couple of side effects."

"The enemy of my enemy is either my friend or Cthulhu."

"When you've got a Magma Kraken, everything starts to look like a tasty morsel."

"Cecyline is always seven days across, which is why demons always leave for Creation seven days before they are summoned...Maybe that wasn't as comforting as I though."

"You can talk to Adorjan but its not clear she can talk back without inflicting agg damage."

"You might want to get from Hell to the underworld without anyone knowing for Completely Legitimate Reasons."

"We're here only wearing our, as it were, diplomatic hats."

"Double barrel glaive-guisarme!"

About a demon dissolving enemies inside itself: "Its not clear he's deriving any physical sustenance from this." "Binging and purging huh?"

"You will never remember Nameless Crow stabbing you in the back."

"Sometimes you have to kill the people you love before you really get to know them. Jhereg taught me that."

"Hello my name is, uh, classified."

"Oh well, an arch nemesis will keep us on our toes."

"If you put a rancor on the mantle in act I..."

We're really going to bring the Underworld into the century of the fruitbat."

"Young willing maidens should not have big beards full of candles, but I like the way you think."

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