What does it take to put them back together?

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What does it take to put them back together?

People to replace them.

To find certain of their old bits.

To find all their old bits, but some are broken or lost by the time you get there, so you'll need replacements. Three or five bits/Maiden seems right.

They're just gone; you'll have to have new ones made?

tmack: An idea off the top of my head:

We can't. The campaign isn't about restoring the Maidens; it's about figuring out how to keep the world running now that they're gone. Factions include gods who want to restore the status quo ante, gods who want to use this opportunity for a promotion, gods who want to use this opportunity to indulge in a bit of corruption now that their meddling bosses are gone, demons who think that this is a great opportunity to take over the world, and so forth. The Sidereals themselves may divide themselves by caste (especially if the Maidens are at least nominally still around), faction, or goals they have for how to continue. In addition, the Maidens themselves may have an opinion on the matter if they're still around, even if they're in no shape to continue their duties; they may want refuse to accept their demotion, arrange for underlings to carry out their former duties but still boss around or advise their replacements, serve as the kingmakers to choose whoever winds up replacing them, or follow their own super-sekkrit plan to gain power.
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