GURPS Shadowrun

Welcome to the GURPS Shadowrun: Salvage page. What follows is my collection of notes from my current and past campaigns. Most of these rules have not been tested; use at your own risk.

The magic rules are notably missing. We're using GURPS Magic. Note that this removes astral space and conjury, as such, from consideration.

I did my best with the races to preserve balance. These point values work well with the campaign point guidelines set in GURPS Cyberpunk (i.e. 150 for Fresh Meat, 200 for Kid's Gotta Rep, and 250 for Cowboy). Feel free to adjust them as necessary.

The whole purpose for this conversion is fun. Many of us enjoy cross genre gaming and Shadowrun offers that. However I find the Shadowrun system a bit too limiting in character design. GURPS is ideal for such a setting but requires that you put the rules together yourself. This is what I have done. For campaign suggestions, character creation and such read further.

Campaign Guidelines





Campaign Guidelines

Character points

I'd like to start with competent runners. So 200 pts with up to 80 points disads and 5 quirks. I can't stress up to enough -- you don't have to take them all. If you take too many disads, your character is going to be rather unplayable.

Starting Wealth

Again, we're talkin' competent runners. So $10,000 should be adequate. I'm allowing the purchasing of starting wealth at half cost but this means the money you receive is a lump sum, not actual wealth and status (this rule came from an old Roleplayer). Think of it as a stash, or lucky score of some kind.


I feel it complicates the game too much to have to deal with paying points; it also has no flavor (What's this!? <chomp, chomp> A stale cracker!!!?). So you pay for your 'ware with cash.


We're using 'standard' GURPS magic, if there is such a thing. Just about anything you find in GURPS Magic is acceptable. Enchanted Items exist, but are expensive and slow to produce. I'll be surprised if any PC mages are enchanters at all. If anybody runs across a copy of GURPS Voodoo or GURPS Grimoire, I'd be glad to take a look at it and see how it can be fit into the campagin.

GURPS is a copyright of Steve Jackson Games. Shadowrun is a copyright of FASA. CyberSpace is a copyright of I.C.E. The material on this page is reproduced without permission and is used solely for entertainment purposes only.