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Str 2 Dex 5 Sta 2
Cha 4 Man 4 App 3
Per 4 Int 4 Wit 3
Essence and Willpower
Permanent Essence4                                        
Personal Essence15    
Peripheral Essence42 10 committed to Dwarven Armor
Permanent Willpower7                            
Paradox X X X                            


Journeys Resistance 1 Ride 0 Sail 1 Survival 0 Thrown 1
Battles Archery 0 Athletics 1 Melee 1 Presence 2 War 0
Secrets Investigation 5 Larceny 1 Lore 5 Occult 3 Stealth 1
Endings Awareness 2 Bureaucracy 5 Integrity 1 Martial Arts 3 Medicine 2
Serenity Craft Air 5
Craft Fate 5
Dodge 3 Linguistics 3 Performance 5 Socialize 3
Today's Specialty         Focus Skill
In the purview of Fate Bureaucracy


Sifu 2 Probably not useful (Ronin)
Manse 2 Gemstone of Surface Thoughts.
Concentrate on a target in Ess x 10 yards, roll Perception+Awareness.
If they suspect you, they can resist with Wits+Integrity and it's a contested roll.
Backing 2 Gold Faction
Backing 2 Convention on Essence Users Probably not useful (Ronin)
Connections 2 Cult of the Illuminated
??? Anathema Chicks Fans (str 2 social unit)
Savant 2 Useful for operating 1st age devices.
Salary 2 Probably not useful (Ronin)
Acquaintances 1 (Paper Merchant) Original merchant deceased, this is his grandson.

Combat Reference Table

Dwarven Armor

DV calculation value
Dodge DV (5+3+3)/2=5.5 6
Parry DV (5+3+wd)/2=4+wd/24*
Dodge MDV(7+1+3+sp)/2=5/5+sp/26
Parry MDV(4 or 1 + skill + sp)/2 =
B. Soak14 (2+12)
L. Soak13 (1+12)
Armor Hardness 8
Penalty Type L. Heal (rest)
0       6 hours
-1       2 days
-1      2 days
-2      4 days
-2      4 days
-4       1 week
I       2 weeks
Ess. Effect
1-3 glitter (per+aware diff 3 to spot)
4-7 more glitter (per+aware diff 1 to spot)
8-10 mark burns, glow,+2 diff to Stealth
11-15shine + halo,stealth impossible
16+ burning halo lasts 1 scene


Charm Cost Skill Type Duration Effects Keywords
Efficient Secretary 2m Investigation Simple One misc. action Provides answers to simple, factual questions
Research Assistant Invocation 5m Investigation Simple 5 days Can look things up, like a Savant (p. 280)
Impeding the Flow 3m Melee Reflexive Instant Reduces an incoming attack to zero successes Combo-OK
Third Investigation Excellency 3m Investigation Reflexive Instant Reroll an Investigation action once, or increase a static DV by Investigation/2 Combo-OK
Fateful Investigation Excellency n*[1m]/level OR 4m+1wp Investigation Reflexive Instant Decrease target number by n for n>=3 OR turn all dice to auto-succeed. Combo-OK
Third Craft Excellency 3m Investigation Reflexive Instant Reroll an Craft action once, or increase a static DV by Craft/2 Combo-OK
Fateful Craft Excellency n*[1m]/level OR 4m+1wp Investigation Reflexive Instant Decrease target number by n for n>=3 OR turn all dice to auto-succeed. Combo-OK
Third Lore Excellency [3m]+ Lore Reflexive Instant Reroll a Lore action once, or increase a static DV by Lore/2 Combo-OK
Joy in Adversity Stance 5 m Martial Arts Reflexive Scene When an attack fails to overcome my DV, roll Ess, gain 2m/Success. Must be real risk of harm. Combo-OK
Secrets of Future Strife - MA Ref (1) Perm Double Join Battle pool. None
World Shaping Artistic Vision N/A Craft Permanent Permanent The target number for Siderial Astrology and Craft: Fate is reduced by 1 when the condition obtains.

Condition: When benefitting the Solars

Absence 2m Dodge Reflexive Instant Ignore all penalties to DDV for one attack. combo-ok
Favorable Inflection Procedure 5m Linguistics Simple Instant Speak someone's name in their presence, roll Cha+Ling against their MDV to build an Intimacy for the rest of the scene or calm the target if they are angry with the Siderial. Emotion, Virtue (Compassion)
Blue Vervain Binding 5m+1XP Linguistics Simple (1 long tick, DV-2) One minute Recite a 1min blessing in Old Realm, roll Int+Ling diff 5 to let two creatures understand each other forever after. None
Perfection in Life 5m Performance Simple Scene Give a performance. Roll Cha+Perf against the highest MDV. All witnesses (inside fate) get 1 WP Combo-basic,Fate, Virtue(Compassion)
2nd Performance Excellency 2m/success Performance Reflexive Instant +1 success up to attribute+ability dice
Fateful Performance Excellency n*[1m]/level OR 4m+1wp Performance Reflexive Instant Decrease target number by n for n>=3 OR turn all dice to auto-succeed. Combo-OK
Terrestrial Circle Sorcery none Occult Permanent Instant Allows spellcasting none
Destiny-Knitting Entanglement 2m Craft Reflexive Instant Handle an object for an hour. After, spend to either learn the object's circumstances or start bringing it back to her.

This can be used in combat with a stunt.

Predestined Delivery Shaping 7mm Craft Simple (dramatic) Indefinite Craft something and tie the object's destiny to a person or place, needs a physical connection to the target.

Wits+Craft(Fate) to see how quickly it moves toward them.

combo-ok, fate
Duck Fate 10m Dodge Avoid a harmful effect.
Avoidance Kata 2m Dodge Reflexive Instant Within first two actions, decide you'd rather you were never there. 2 WP for others to overcome the illusion. Illusion
Methodology of Secrets 5m Lore Reflexive Until you next sleep Pick a specialty condition. +3 to one skill, +1 to others
Auspicious Prospects for Serenity
Heart Brightening Presentation Style 2m Use excellencies from Performance, Bureaucracy, Presence, or Socialize interchangeably.


Spell Cost Effect
Open the Spirit Door 15 motes plus 5 per ally If the gate is within 3 yards, take yourself (and up to ___ allies) through a portal into heaven or a spirit's demense. You may stay until kicked out, or (for spirit demsense) until the sun next crosses the horizon.
Emerald Countermagic 10m/20m
Stormwind Rider 15m Create a storm to transport you at 45 yds/tick. p. 254
Infalliable Messenger10m5 minute or shorter message


Petition (diff 2): wits+linguistics or wits+craft(air). 5 successes reduces prayer difficulty by 1, 10 by 2.

Each signature gives +1 die to the prayer roll, except gods who are +3 dice.

Prayer (diff 6): Charisma + Performance + 1 die/3 hours (max 3 dice) + (Petition-creating successes)

Planning: int+craft(fate), difficulty equal to your essence.
Horoscopes: int + occult, need tools worth resources 3
Ritual: +3 dice if you put on an RD of the college for three days and display at least three trappings.

Effect: (Prayer Successes/4)+Essence + College Rating +(planning/4)+(horoscopes/4) + ritual = Effect Points

Resplendent Destinies cost 2 effect points for Scope. Duration & Endurance as normal
While wearing, you have +3 dice to convince others your identity is valid


2 dots

  • Proper Plumage (1 endurance): +1 appearance for the duration of a social event
  • Spouse-Saving Grace (1 endurance):If your mate's player fails a bureaucracy roll or succumbs to a social attack, you can channel comp or temp. to reroll OR reapply DV based on your stats instead.
  • Wife-procuring Tailfeathers (1 endurance, 1 paradox/week): Get married, avoid censure as long as you are the full-time manager of the family's affairs (7 free hours/week)


1 dot

  • Sweet Flirtation Smile (1 endurance): add Cha dice to Bureaucracy, Socialize, or Presence roll
  • Snappy Banter Approach (1 endurance):After a failed social attack or defense, apply the benefit of the 3rd excellency to the social ability just used at no mote cost. Not a charm activation.
  Effect Points  


2 dots

  • Comforting Matriarch Embrace(1 endurance): Comfort before sleep, target rolls Conviction twice to regain WP when they wake.
  • Equitable Partnership(1 endurance, 1 paradox die): Autofind a financial backer for a business plan as long as you are competent, the venture is plausible, and you don't intend to cheat the backer.
  • Best Friend's Couch (1 endurance, 1 paradox die/week): Hang out with friends to avoid scrutiny. 7 hrs/week free.
n:                        s:        
  Effect Points      


2 dots

  • Invincible Essence Core(1 endurance):Reflexively block any lowering of permanent essence, loss of access to traits or charms or memory except pattern spider bites or the weakening effect of the Greater Sign.
  • Prince of the Earth(1 end/scene): +3 to social rolls with non-exalts
  • Seer: Spend endurance to add bonus dice to planning astrology with another Siderial
n:        s:        
  Effect Points      

Spent XP

p.230 Total: 318/346

  • Strength to 2 (4)
  • Stamina to 2 (4)
  • Essence 3 (18)
  • Terrestrial Circle Sorcery (12)
  • Craft 4 (5)
  • Craft 5 (7)
  • Gate Spell (12), 1wk
  • Emerald Countermagic (12, 1wk)
  • Destiny Kniting Entanglement (10)
  • Predestined Delivery Shaping (10)
  • Duck Fate (10)
  • Avoidance Kata (10)
  • Methodology of Secrets(10)
  • Performance 3 (3)
  • Performance 4 (5)
  • Performance 5 (7)
  • Charisma 3 (8)
  • Charisma 4 (12)
  • Fateful Investigation Excellency (10)
  • Research Assistant Invocation (10)
  • 2nd Performance Excellency (10)
  • Fateful Performance Excellency (10)
  • Stormwind Rider (12)
  • Auspicious Prospects for Serenity (10)
  • Heart Brightening Presentation Style (10)
  • 3rd Craft Excellency (10)
  • Fateful Craft Excellency (10)
  • Infallible Messenger (12)
  • Craft Fate from 1-5 (17)
  • Bureaucracy from 3-5 (12)
  • Essence from 3-4: (27)

Spent Bonus Points

  • Linguistics 3 (1)
  • Performance 2 (2)
  • Larceny 1 (1)
  • MA 3 (1)
  • Bureaucracy 3 (1)
  • Compassion 4 (3)
  • Conviction3 (3)
  • Athletics 1 (1)
  • Investigation 5 (1)
  • Lore 5 (1)

Want List

  • Mark of Exaltation
  • Telltale Symphony
  • Flight of Mercury
  • Blade of the Battle Maiden (MA 3)
  • Violet Bier of sorrows form (MA 4)
  • Gift of Knowledge (Sid,p.121)
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