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Journeys. From Gem, child of a secondary branch of the noble house Iblan. They're in charge of gold and silver in the city, and run a lot of caravans in the region. Before the great Contagion, the family was merely a group of wealthy traders, but the mineral-rich territory they had access to was much greater than it is today. The population losses gave them the opportunity they needed to ascend into the local nobility, but there are still legends passed down in the city about the wondrous gems and rich mother lodes found beyond the pole.

Creation Expansion Mechanic Notes

Mbelo Iblan Character Sheet

Mbelo Iblan Idealized Sheet


Mbelo Iblan


Str 2 Cha 3 Per 4
Dex 4 Man 5 Int 4
Sta 2 App 3 Wits 3


Resistance 5 Craft (Air) 5 Archery Investigation 2 Awareness 2
Ride 3 Dodge 3 Athletics 2 Larceny 5 Bureaucracy 2
Sail 4 Linguistics 3 Melee 2 Lore 3 Integrity 4
Survival 2 Performance 3 Presence 2 Occult 3 Martial Arts 4
Thrown Socialize 1 War - Stealth 1 Medicine


  • 3rd Integrity Excellency. 3m.
  • Preservation of Resolve: 2m per +1 MDV to social group's leader, max permanent essence
  • Perfection in Life ; Roll Cha + Per vs highest MDV of audience; if successful, add +1 temporary willpower point once per day.
  • Defense of Shining Joy (Perf 3, Ess 2): 5m,1w, scene, speed 5. + Per to DodgeDV calculation. New DV ignores onslaught penalties & reduces DV penalty of attacks by 1, min 1.
  • Name-Pilfering Practice (Larceny 3, Ess 2): 5m, simple, indefinite. Man + Larceny roll, diff of target's perm. Essence to take name while motes committed.
  • Dream Confiscation Approach (Larceny 4, Ess 2): 6m, 1w, simple, touch. Virtue (temperance). Wits + Larceny vs Essence. Can no longer dream, cannot regain will, no normal essence regen; cannot be fed on by fae. Against FF, inflict dice of agg damage equal to Sid. Essence, make hungry & mad.
  • Methodology of Secrets: 5m, committed
  • Mark of Exaltation: 2m: visible to spirits, see unmanifested win Essx5 yds, +1 autosuccess vs gods & elementals pres, perf, occ, bur, socialize.
  • Telltale Symphony (Occult 3 ): 5m, simple, scene length; int + occult diff 3 to decipher
  • Secrets of Future Strife
  • Blade of the Battle Maiden (MA 3): 2m/die + 2 w, reflexive, scene, add dice up to Dex+MA. Can inflict & parry lethal when unarmed.
  • Joy in Adversity Stance: 5m, reflexive, scene. ROll Essence when attack failed to overcome DV, each success replenishes 2m.
  • Violet Bier of Sorrows Form: 6m, simple, form, scene. Minimum damage = MA or other max. Successful MA attacks strip target's virtue dots. Siderial player chooses virtue, target loses a dot (to min 1). Cannot invalidate Great Curse. Restore 1 dot/day.
  • Ordained Bridle of Mercury: 10m, 1 w,
  • Adopting the Untamed Face: 2m, 1 long action
  • Impeding the Flow: 3 m, reflexive, reduce successes to 0 if physical component & not unblockable.
  • Auspicious Prospects for Journeys: 1 m, simple, instant. Int + investigation roll.
  • Unwavering Well-Being Meditation: 5m, reflexive, Step 2. An opponent with Ess < your Temp must succeed of reflexive Will roll before social or physical attack. If succeeds, attack proceeds; combine Parry DV and Dodge MDV against attack.
  • Creation-Preserving Will: 10m, 1w, simple, indefinite. Within ten yards of you, it is effectively Creation; no exposure effects from Wyld, underworld, etc.
  • Absence: 2m reflexive. Ignore all Dodge DV penalties while resolving this attack.
  • Duck Fate: 10m reflexive(2), combo-basic. Instant. Roll dex + dodge with diff of responsible entity's essence; on success, avoid harmful effect.
  • Avoidance Kata. 2m, reflexive, instant. Within two rounds of starting combat (Join Battle), you were never there.
  • Someone else's destiny: 4m, reflexive, instant. At first damage interval from drug or poison, roll Sta + Res; on success, substance is suspended until roll 1 die of L or A damage in close combat. Whether successful or not, substance transfers to victim. Only one suspended at a time.
  • Shield of Destiny: 5m 1w Reflexive, instant, combo-ok. Activate after damage for a successful attack is rolled, but before it is applied. Roll Dex + Resistance; for every two successes (max of damage inflicted), subtract one HL from damage and inflict on attacker or attacker's current allies. Cannot be dodged, parried, or soaked except by universal defenses; avoided damage is just gone. Damage transfer to only one target per attack. B->B, L->L, A->L
  • Stone Skipping Spirit: 5m, simple, scene. No env penalties to pilot's sail roll, no damage from conditions to ship.
  • Mirror Shttering Method: 5m, (+1w). 5 days. Move ship slightly outside creation, travel 2x speed over all terrain. Ghostly except to dematerialized sight. Redirecting destination after charm invocation: Int + Sail diff 3. 5 days to Yu-Shan. Can travel other locations outside creation, no courses known by default; 5 days. Use personally by jumping in body of water for additional 1 wp. Cannot transport beings outside of Fate. Special routes: Malfeas to Creation. Malfeas to Heaven. Underworld to Creation.
  • 3rd Larceny Excellency. 3m. Reroll, taking new result if preferred.
  • 4th Larceny Excellency. 1m+. For every mote spent, reduce target number by 1, to min 4; or, 1W+4m to turn all into successes.

(Next to buy: Avoidance Kata, MA form, excellencies/skills.)


  • Artifact: 2: Starmetal Hearthstone Bracers: 3-die bonus to dodge attempts, +1 to weapons' Acc and Defense.
  • Backing: Division of Journeys: 2
  • Backing: Commitee on the Fae: 2
  • Backing: Committee for the South: -
  • Celestial Manse: 3 (Gem of Grace): +2 dice to Charisma and Manipulation rolls if the affected being can see the bearer.
  • Connections: 1 (Gem and environs)
  • Salary : 2 (act as Resources 3 in Heaven, 4 in Creation)
  • Savant: 2 (add rating in dice to any Lore check involving history, science, or magic of First Age; add rating in dots to Lore, Occult and Craft for meeting 1st age artifact requirements.
  • Sifu: 2


e= endurance, p = paradox die

Sign Rank Cost Effect
Captain31e/wkAdd Essence in dice to Presence rolls for commanding and controlling the crew, as long as you rule absolutely.
1e/month Underlings with Valor<character's Charisma will never complain about character's behavior as boss, exalted included. Compulsion effect.
1e/week For each week of drill, followers gain 1 in an ability. Cannot gain ratings higher than Siderial's in that trait. This is a Training effect. Up to college rating x 10 individuals at once. No individual can learn more ability points from that siderial than the Siderial's conviction.
Messenger11e/month While carrying a message, Siderial and mount will not fail Valor rolls if failing would delay the message or extend the route.
1e/wk Environmental effects don't penalize Siderial's fatigue checks. (Implies mount also?)
1e+3p/day Cause any familiar to bear her, no matter how unsuitable it is. No ill effects for the mount.
Sorcerer31eReflexively block any attack that lowers permanent Essence or causes him to lose memory or access to spels, Charms, Combos, or Abilities (except for pattern bite of the weakening effect of his Greater Sign)
1e/sceneGain +3 dice to all social rolls with un-Exalted when playing the role of an Exalt
1e+Spend n Endurance to add n bonus dice when performing an astrology roll with multiple Sidereals involved

Current Destinies


  • Compassion: 2
  • Temperance: 4
  • Conviction: 3
  • Valor: 2

Essence, Willpower & Paradox

  • Permanent Essence: 4
  • Personal Essence: 15 \ ____
  • Peripheral Essence: 42 (38 available) \ ___
  • Committed Essence: 4
  • Willpower: 7 \ ____
  • Paradox: 2


-0 O
-1 O O
-2 O O
-4 O
Inc O

Combat Stats

These weapon stats have the bracers' effects integrated.

Weapon Speed Accuracy Damage Defense Rate
Exceptional Straight Sword 4 +4 +4L +3 2
Exceptional Tiger Claws 5 +4 +4L +2 3
Clinch 6 +0? +0B - 1
Kick 5 +0? +3B -2? 2
Punch 5 +1? +0B +2 3
Join Battle 10 (Secrets of Future Strife)
Dodge DV 7 (+3 from bracers before /2); 8 with DoSJ
Parry DV Tiger claws: 5 Sword: 5 (melee)/6 (ma)/10 (maxed BoBM)
Attack Tiger claws: 12 Sword : 10 (melee)/12 (ma)/18(maxed BoBM)
Damage Tiger Claws: 6L Sword: 6L
Soak 1L

Social Combat Stats

Join Debate 5
Dodge MDV 7 + 1/2 pertinent specialty (Willpower + Integrity + Ess /2)
Parry MDV Charisma or Manipulation + Ability + specialty / 2, round up. (Man+Per => 4.)

Motivation: Expand borders of creation.


  • Nameless Crow
  • banding together to serve man (2 scenes towards creating intimacy)
  • Solar Deliberative (with Exalted assistance) should rule creation. (1 scene towards creating intimacy)
  • Positive relation with Deathlord Manse in Churroscurro (1 scene towards creating intimacy


  • Old Realm
  • Low Realm
  • High Realm
  • Firetongue


Total: 345 (includes starting XP)

Spent: 312

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