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Body: Saturn (Mecha-Spider Incarnation)

Power Source: The Endings formerly known as Mercy's Razor

Leftovers: 13

Mechanics: Siderial Exalted, Chosen of Saturn (Endings Caste)

Motivation: Bring both Creation and the Underworld under the control of a properly managed Fate.

Intimacies: Fate, My Circle, My Sisters, Removing Corrupting Influences from Creation, Xibalba, The Underworld

Languages: Flametongue, Old Realm

Basic Statistics


Strength3 Charisma4 Perception2
Dexterity5 Manipulation4 Intelligence2
Stamina3 Appearance2 Wits4


Journeys Serenity Battles Secrets Endings
Resistance 0 Craft [Fate] 3 Archery 0 Investigation 2 Awareness 2
Ride 0 Dodge 3 Athletics 0 Larceny 0 Bureaucracy 4
Sail 0 Linguistics 1 Melee 4 Lore 3 Integrity 2
Survival 0 Performance 3 Presence 4 Occult 3 Martial Arts 5
Thrown 0 Socialize 1 War 0 Stealth 5 Medicine 0
Martial Arts Unarmored 3
Bureaucracy Spirits 1
Performance Prayer 2

Essence, Willpower, and Virtues

Essence and Willpower
Permanent Essence4
Personal Essence16
Peripheral Essence43 (30 uncommitted)
Permanent Willpower8


Artifact4 Martial Arts Amplification Module (Starmetal Perfected Kata Bracers) [Attune 8]
When form is active, +Ess to Acc/Dam/Def, inflict bashing or lethal, parry lethal, -2m cost of in-Style Charms
2 Extrudable Offensive Web (Starmetal Serpent Sting Staff) [Attune 5]
Speed 5, Acc +1, Dmg +13BP, Def +4, Rate 3
Backing2 Division of Endings ("complicated" but sometimes useful)
Salary2 Mercy's Trust Fund (will require Bureaucracy to access)
Resources 3 in Heaven, 4 in Creation
Sifu3 Martial Arts Backup Archive
Whispers3 See Abyssals


  • Sharpened Legs (Perfect Short Sword: +2 Acc, +1 Dmg/Rate): Speed 4, Acc +4, Dmg +4L, Def +1, Rate 3
  • Mandibles (Perfect Knife): +2 Acc, +1 Dmg/Rate): Speed 5, Acc +3, Dmg +3L, Def +0, Rate 4
  • Caligraphy Printer (Excellent Calligraphy Supplies): +1d to Linguistics
  • Astrological Co-Processor (Excellent Craft (Fate) Kit): +1d to Craft (Fate)


Charm Cost Ability Type Duration Effects Keywords
Anima Effect 10m@1-10, 5m@11-15, 1m@16+ Endings Refl Scene For me and allies within 10xEss yards, +1 lvl damage in Step 10. Not for attacks with otherwise inflict no damage. Obvious, Not-Charm
Absence 2m Dodge Ref (2) Inst Negate all Dodge DV penalties (but not inapplicability). Combo-OK
Duck Fate 10m Dodge Ref (2) Inst Dodge any harmful effect, including unexpected, area, non-physical, continuous, social, or shaping. Dex+Dodge vs. opponent's Essence (1 for environmental). Combo-Basic
Avoidance Kata 2m Dodge Ref Inst Within 2 actions of Join Battle/Debate, be somewhere else. Others believe I was never there (2W resists). Illusion
3rd Performance Excellency 3m Performance Ref (3/4) Inst Re-roll or +Abil/2 to DV. Can't mix with 1st or 2nd. Combo-OK
Heart Brightening Presentation Style 2m Performance Perm Inst Use any Bur/Per/Pre/Soc Excellency on any of those abilities, for an extra 2m. None
Impeding the Flow 3m Melee Ref (2) Inst Parry reduces blockable, physical attack to 0s. Visible to those who can see dematerialized. Combo-OK
Serenity in Blood 5m+1W Melee Ref (2) Inst Perfect parry, even vs. unblockable. Unexpected attacks require Per+Melee diff 3. Conviction Flaw: doesn't function if I'm acting contrary to my Motivation. Combo-OK
Force Decision 4m Presence Simple (6/-1) Inst Man+Presence vs. Essence. Success means perfect social attack applies Compulsion (resist 2W) to decide. Can change mind later (opposed by Conviction). Compulsion, Fate
Impose Motivation 3m Presence Simple (6/-1) Indefinite Ghostly caste-mark appears on left palm. Cha+Presence (+Ess successes) vs. DMDV grants extra motivation (mine). Ignore for 1 day for 1WP. Ignoring for my-Essence days ends. Combo-Basic, Fate, Servitude, Touch
Auspicious Prospects for Endings 1m Investigation Sim (6/-1) Inst Suggests when a person, thing, or idea's time has come. Can automatically ask for an Endings-relevant task. Or a successful Int+Inv gets a sense of whether a given task is favorable for Endings. Combo-Basic
Efficient Secretary Technique 2m Investigation Sim (6/-1) Misc-Act Question answered by Loom or my own library. Objective facts, not hidden or subjective information. None
Methodology of Secrets 5m Lore Ref Until sleep Pick a specialty. +3 on one Ability, +1 on others. Also applies to Astrology Effect rolls. None
Shadowlands Circle Necromancy - Occult Perm Inst Allows Shape Shadowlands Circle Necromancy actions. None
Bone Puppet Dance 16m+1W Occult Spell Varies Control living body for Cha+Occult hours. Actions have penalty of its Essence. Can resist: 1 unsoakable lethal per action, reduces 1 hour. Permanent if no body, or if body is killed. None
Soft Presence Practice 2m Stealth Sup 1 Action Motes count 1/2 for anima. Combos do not automtically flare. Combo-OK
Walking Outside of Fate 5m+1W Stealth Sim (6/-1) Indef Those with Essence <= mine cannot perceive me. Per+Awa to realize something is nearby. -2s to affect it. Untrackable without supernatural tracking. Drops when anima reaches 11+. Fate keyword because Fate charms don't affect me. Fate
Subordinate Inspiration Technique 1m Stealth Sup Inst Allows (and requires) social attack while outside Fate. Voice in targets head. Target makes Per+Awareness vs. Essence to avoid unexpected. Social
2nd Bureaucracy Excellency 2m/s Bureaucracy Ref(1/2) Inst Buy max of Essence successes. Combo-OK
Fateful Buraucracy Excellency 1m/t (or 4m+1W) Buraucracy Ref (1/2) Inst Reduce target by 1 per mote, to a min of 4. Or for 4m+1W, all dice are successes. None
Icy Hand 1m Bureaucracy Sim (6/-1) 5 Days Cha+Bur vs. DMDV compels target to perform duties honestly and to the best of his abilities. Unnatural Mental Influence. Resist for 1W/Scene, max 5 to break, or unbreakable if a scene passes without WP. Combo-OK, Compulsion, Fate, Touch
Terminal Sanction 8m+1W Bureaucracy Sim (6/-1) Scene Force a present God/Elemental/Demon to materialize before me for a scene. Additionally, Cha+Bur vs. spirit's Essence gives extra effects (binding, permakill). +Ess successes vs. Demons. Combo-Basic, Maiden, Servitude, Virtue (Temperance)
Underling Invisibility Practice 4m Bureaucracy Sim (6/-1) Indefinite I'm unnoticed by person who feels better than me (or who I seem to be). Can notice signs of passage only after I leave. Others pointing doesn't help. At most, target has a vague sence of anxiety and futility. Does not work against Siderials. Illusion
Paralyzed Mandarin Infliction 5m Bureaucracy Sim (6/-1) Indefinite Paralyze a bureaucracy, with ennui or frenetic activity. Wits+Bur +Ess auto-successes vs. leader's DMDV plus Magnitude/2. Leader can resist with 3 Loyalty. Combo-OK, Compulsion
Secrets of Future Strife - MA Ref (1) Perm Double Join Battle pool. None
Flight of Mercury 1m/act MA Ref (1) Max MA Actions Reduce MA attack speed by 1 (min 3). Combo-OK
Blade of the Battle Maiden 2m/d+2WP MA Ref (1/2) Scene MA attacks do Lethal, and can parry lethal/ranged. For each 2m spent, +1d to MA attack and parry pools. Max of Dex+MA dice. Visible as scarlet aura. Obvious
Joy in Adversity Stance 5m MA Ref (5) Scene When an attack fails to overcome my DV, roll Ess, gain 2m/Success. Must be real risk of harm. Combo-OK
Violet Bier of Sorrows Form 6m MA Sim (6/-1) Scene Minimum damage equals MA if > Ess. Attack which does damage also drains 1 Virtue dot (my choice) to min of 1 (or min for Great Curse). Regain 1/day. Form-type
Death Parrying Stroke 2m/HL MA Ref (8) Inst Last-minute parry, trailing purple Essence. Buy off damage successes (after roll) at 2m each. Combo-OK, Obvious
Horrific Wreath 2m+1WP MA Supplemental Inst Violet energy surrounds weapon. CoD suffer Agg from my MA attack. Combo-OK
Crimson Palm Counterstrike 5m MA Ref (2) Inst Roll Dex + MA, vs. attack roll after PDV. Extra successes apply as counterattack. Combo-OK, Counterattack (-1 DV)
Unobstructed Blow 5m MA Sup Inst Attack is unblockable, and ignores armor (Soak + Hardness). Combo-OK
Life-Severing Blow 2m/HL MA Ref (8) Inst 2nd Damage Excellency. Combo-OK
Metal Storm 3m/attack MA ExA Inst Each 3m gains an extra MA attack against the same target at full die pool. No flurries. Combo-OK
Conclusion-Pursuing Approach 10m+1W+1L MA Sim(6/-2) Scene For each MA attack which deals damage, regain 1WP. Tripple opponent's wound penalties as they relate to me. Extra effects with prayer strip attached to weapon. The weapon cannot be destroyed. Hits with that weapon drain 1WP. If no WP (or outside Fate) drain 10m instead. If <10m, all unsoaked damage dice become levels. Combo-OK, Fate, Obvious, Prayer Strip
Blood-Scenting Hunger 2m MA Ref(?) Scene Range 5xEss yards. See dematerialized, and presence of Essence pools. Misc action + 1m to size up a target, revealing current wound penalty, permanent Ess, and motes available. Then can sense use of Ess by that target for remainder of Scene. Combo-OK
Leaping Horror Approach 3m MA Sup Inst Free reflexive Move action between attacks in a Flurry. Adds MA to DDV vs. Counterattacks. Combo-OK, Obvious
Lunging Phantom Method 4m MA Sup Inst Attack is unexpected unless Wits+Awa roll equals attack successes. Combo-OK
Shrouded Claw Attack 3m MA Sup Inst Void-charged anima lashes out ahead of attack. Halves target's DV, rounded down. Causes dematerialized beings to manifest visibly for scene (if attack would've hit if they were materialized). Combo-OK, Obvious
Hungry Ghost Form 6m MA Sim(5/-1) Scene 1WP to end early. +Ess to Sta for Soak. Become a CoD. Effected by controlled Berzerk Anger (kill all enemies starting with nearest). Unarmed apply and parry Lethal, and can hit dematerialized. 1/action use of Lunging Phantom or Shrouded Claw as non-charm. Form-Type, Obvious
Unnatural Many-Step Stride 5m+1W MA Sim(4/-2) Scene Stand/move on strands of Fate (walk on air). Reflexively spend 1m to dematerialize between actions. Witnesses without this Charm must succeed at Valor on every action or lose the action. Combo-OK, Emotion, Obvious, Prayer Strip


Sign Rank Cost Effect
Corpse11eIgnore the effects of one successful social attack
3e+1pRemove all the target's dots of Willpower beyond his Conviction
3e+3pConsider a soul for Terrestrial Exaltation; must be conducted shortly after death
Crow11eEat a corpse's eye, see its last scene, know if it left a ghost
1e+1pSteal from plain sight, Dex+Lar vs. Per+Awa
3e+3pShapeshift to corvid, equipment elsewhere, 3x move, Str/Sta of 1, 0L/1B soak
Haywain11eAnalyze a business as corrupt/honest, determining whether a misdeed will be scrutinized
1e+5pRequest aid from a Celestial Censor
1e/weekHide in a bureaucratic job, 7 free hours per week, opposed Wit+Bur to find
Key11eMake sleep, food, and water unnecessary when preparing for a Lore or Bureaucracy roll
(1e+1p)/weekLower the diffculty by 1 when dealing with characters whose Temperance is less than the user's Intelligence
1e+3pArrange for a Calibration Gate to be at the current location
Sorcerer11eReflexively block any attack that lowers permanent Essence or causes him to lose memory or access to spels, Charms, Combos, or Abilities (except for pattern bite of the weakening effect of his Greater Sign)
1e/sceneGain +3 dice to all rolls with un-Exalted when playing the role of an Exalt
1e+Spend n Endurance to add n bonus dice when performing an astrology roll with multiple Sidereals involved
Rising Smoke11eAdd Essence to any Cha roll with a god, judge, or magistrate
1eSend a note to another Siderial
3e+1p/3pAdorjan (Ex130) scours target for 3 actions, or 13 actions and 1p for a demon
Sword11e+1pAfter seeing a Martial Arts charm the user can learn in without a tutor (provided he meets the other prerequisites) up to a year and a day later
1eApply full DV to any incoming attack, provided no Charm, Virtue, Willpower, etc. are then used to raise the DV further
3e+1pSlay a mortal instantly or within five days. Cause an Exalted to be irrevocably slain when reduced to Incapacitated or below. The effects lasts indefinitely for Terrestrial Exalted but only for a year and a day for Celestial Exalted.

Active Destinies

Current Paradox: 1

Assumed Mechanics

Prayer Dice
9 Charisma + Performance + Specialty
3 Extended Prayer (9 hours)
4 Co-Signatories (1 per caste assumed)
0 Counter-Signatory (none assumed)
16 Total Prayer Dice
Prayer Extra Successes
16 Auspicious Success
-6 Difficulty for an Initiate
+PQ Petition Quality
(Wits + Linguistics [6]: min 2s, +1 for 5s, +2 for 10s)
+1 Willpower (Optional)
11+PQ Total Prayer Successes
Effect Dice
5 Essence + College
3+PM Prayer Succeses /4 (rounded up)
(Petition Quality Modifier only relevant at +2.)
FP 1 day Fate Planning (Int + Craft (Fate) [6] /4 rounded up)
CH Computed Horoscope (Int + Occult [5] /4 rounded up)
0 Ritual Behavior (none assumed)
0 Helpers (none assumed)
+1 Well Favored Aspect (Manse)
8+PM+FP+CH Total Effect Dice
Effect Successes
S Raw Successes
+1 Willpower
S+1 Total Effect Points

Total cost: 1 day, 9 hours, 6 motes, 3+ Willpower

Resplendent Destinies

Porthelos Adalanthus: A scavenger-lord who suffered a terrible accident while exploring a ruined first-age factory. His desperate friends attempted to use the machinery to save him, with the result that his remains were preserved inside a mechanical exoskeleton which he now animates.
Sign Petition Prayer Fate Plan Horoscope Effect Duration Endurance Used
Corpse 5 11 4 4 6 1 Season (RY 779) 3 0

Kha: A child forced into slavery as payment for the debts his parents left when they died.
Sign Petition Prayer Fate Plan Horoscope Effect Duration Endurance Used
Crow 3 11 5 2 11 1 Season (RY 785) 8 0

Eight Ingredient Cocktail: A minor god, offspring of Tinker with a Thousand Tools, God of gratuitous automata. Eight Ingredient Cocktail takes the form of a many-armed mechanism with an encyclopedic knowledge of alchoholic beverages. He has no assignment in Creation currently, but has found gainful employment in Heaven.
Sign Petition Prayer Fate Plan Horoscope Effect Duration Endurance Used
Key 5 12 4 3 10 1 Year (ends RY 785) 3 0 Needs re-roll with 3-die stunt

Gem Prophet: A high-placed Chosen of Saturn, with a trustworthy demeanor, and a reputation as a loyal ally, but a dangerous enemy.
Sign Petition Prayer Fate Plan Horoscope Effect Duration Endurance Used
Sorcerer 3 13 12 6 12 20 Years (ends RY 798) 6 4
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